DuVall Elementary School


First of all I would like to say that I am glad to be back at DuVall and grateful for the warm welcome I received upon my return.

This week (Sept. 25th) is the kick off week for the Walk N Roll Jr. Challenge. The goal of this program is to get as many of our students/parents walking  to and from school as possible. This week our students will be watching a video put out by Dr.Lazar, the head of the program informing the students of all the vital information regarding the program.  To summarize the program, the school that gets the most participants,or highest percentage of participants will be guaranteed a bike for one lucky student. The school with the highest total walking/biking to school will get a trophy to display within the building.

Last year the school that won the trophy was averaging 350 points a week. Each day one of our students walks/bikes to school we get a point. If we have 75 kids signed up and participating daily we would be at 375 points a week. We are off to a good start with over 50 students turning in their permission slips  prior to this kickoff week. Permission slips can be found in the main office and should be turned in ASAP (please make sure to put shirt size of child on permission slip,free shirt next spring). Let’s get that trophy Penguins!

Bryan Tapp, Physical Education Teacher