DuVall Playground Availability

DuVall Families, As you may have already seen, there will be construction on our school’s roof during the next few weeks.  Please avoid using the playground and basketball courts until construction work on the roof is complete due to the use of different construction materials being housed near the playground area as well as vehicles…

Student Tutor

A former DuVall student, is interested in tutoring elementary children.  She is going into ninth grade next year and is a 4.0 student.  She feels that she can perhaps provide assistance to children in any subject they may be having issues with.  She is in Honors Language Arts and Advanced Math.  She can even help out…

Ice Cream Social Photos

DuVall Families, Below is a link to some of the great photos that were taken during the 2017 Ice Cream Social. Mrs. Makled has included the group photos taken inside the school as well as photos from the different events during the Ice Cream Social!  Great memories! To view the photos, please click on:  https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/kflCrYPMM1r36ww7peejVTbtqt2s2Em7Au5NO23bL6h

5th grade promotion ceremony

The 5th grade promotion ceremony will take place today at 10:00 AM.  The clap-out will take place at 9:55.  Parents are strongly encouraged to carpool today or walk to building because parking is extremely limited due to the arrival of new roof supplies.  Please plan on arriving early because parking is also impacted by service…


Reminder: Please pick your child’s meds up from the office before 11:45 Friday, June 16th. Thanks for your cooperation. Have a great summer.

Field Day update 3

K-2 will start at 12:30 and end at 1:30 and grades 3-5 will start at 1:45 and end at 2:45 PM.  I promise never to try a career as a meteorologist! Thank you for your patience and flexibility with the changes. Mr. Attee