DuVall Elementary School

Student Safety

Dear DuVall Community,

There has been some talk over the past day about a student bringing a knife to school. I would like to provide you with accurate information regarding this event.  

A  utility tool was found in a student’s backpack yesterday morning. Once we were made aware of this situation we acted swiftly to maintain a safe school environment. We do not expect any such behaviors to be repeated. 

Please use this event as an opportunity to talk with your child about what is appropriate to bring to school and what is not. Often, items that are acceptable to use in certain situations outside of school are not items that are allowed in school and can accidentally be brought to school.  

I know your number one concern is your child’s safety, as it should be. I am available to speak to any parent that has concerns. The staff and I will always put your child’s safety and well being first and will do whatever is needed to make sure they are safe.

Thank you for your support,

Mary Timpf