DuVall Elementary School

Dearborn Baseball

Dearborn Baseball is in its 42nd year of our partnership with the City of Dearborn to provide Baseball and Fastpitch (softball) to the youth of the City of Dearborn. As you know, we are trying to get our message out to boys and girls of all ages 5-17. In the past, we would copy thousands of flyers to be passed out to the students but our research shows that most children do not bring them home or the parents do not read them. In today’s world most parents prefer to read the electronic version on their phone or tablets. Additionally, this would help us, and the school district, in going “green”. Therefore, we are asking if we, through the school district, could email our flyers out to the parents and students.

If you have any questions, please call me at 313-304-1564.

Mark J Dawdy

President Dearborn Baseball

Dearborn Baseball Flier

Fastpitch Softball Flier