DuVall Elementary School

Week of January 22-26

Dear DuVall Families,

Our Pancake Dinner has been rescheduled for this Wednesday, January 24, 6:00-7:30. If you haven’t signed up to donate or volunteer and would like to click here for the Sign-up Genius: Click here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090B4AACAF23A3FB6-pancake 

Tuesday is our Parent Education Meeting at 9:20 in the Media Center. Our topic is “Essential Standards, what is my child learning?” We encourage you to come! Every parent that comes will receive a Penguin Point for their child(ren) and be entered into a raffle. The prizes will be gift cards. Coffee and donuts will also be served. We hope to see many of your smiling faces at this meeting!

Are you registered to vote? We have a very important election on February 27. Please scroll to the bottom to read key points about the Dearborn Schools Renewal Millage that is on the ballot.

This week’s notes:

  • The Black Box Art Gallery will have an art exhibit until February 18 featuring art by Dearborn Schools art teachers as well as some of our high school students. Black Box Art Gallery & Coffee House is located at 1034 Monroe in Downtown West Dearborn.
  • All Kids Heart Challenge envelopes should be turned in ASAP to Mr. Tapp. This week he will begin selling off all of the remaining characters for $2 each until gone. All proceeds will go directly to the American Heart Association.
  • 2024 Martian Marathon – 12:00 pm ~ April 13, 2024 @ Ford Field, Dearborn Group Registration Instructions: LINK: https://runningfitevents.redpodium.com/2024-martian-invasion-of-races Select “I am here to register as a group participant” TEAM NAME: DuVall – Blue Wave 12:00 TEAM PASSWORD:  PENGUINS24 Continue on with registration. You must select team name and enter password. The kids’ race is already discounted to $23 (thru March 4) so no coupon code is needed. If you would like to extend the invitation to your school community we are offering a school discount code. March 5 the price goes up to $26. Please note there are processing fees.
  • Martian Marathon Underground Printing T-Shirt Design Contest: Once again our screen printer Underground Printing will be offering this awesome contest for the kids! UGP invites children 12 and under to submit an original drawing to be used in the design for the front of the 2024 Martian Kids’ Marathon shirt! Check out all the details here: https://martianraces.com/images/2024/Martian_2024_Kids_Shirt_Contest.pdf
  • I still have copies of our Parent Book Club book, Discipline without Drama. Send me an email if you would like me to send home a copy with your child.
  • FBI Warns of Online Groups Targeting Minors: The FBI is alerting the public to the deliberate targeting of minor victims by violent online groups on widely accessible messaging platforms.  These groups aim to coerce victims between the ages of 8 and 17 years old to produce content involving self-harm, explicit sexual acts, and/or suicide.  Being specifically targeted are LGBTQ+ youth, racial minorities, and those struggling with mental health issues.  Utilizing threats, blackmail, and manipulation, the groups exert control over victims by pressuring them.  There are many active group names including 676, 764, CVLT, Court, Kaskar, Harm Nation, Leak Society, and H3ll, with subgroups continuously formed under different nicknames.  For additional information, visit Campus Safety Magazine.

Have a good week,

Mary Timpf

DateThis Week’s ScheduleLunch First ChoiceLunch Second ChoiceWatch D.O.G.S.
Monday7:45 Art ClubSpaghettiSunbutter & Jelly
Tuesday8:00 Math Club, room 202
9:10 Parent Education Meeting, Media Center
5th grade band & strings
2:25 Early Release
Chicken NuggetsTurkey & Cheese SandwichMridu Khanna 10:30-2:00
Wednesday7:45 Mrs. Morrison Tutoring
8:00 Music Club, Room 111
3:20 Student Ambassadors, room 104
4:00 Penguin Players, Room 204
6:00 Pancake Dinner
Chicken TendersBlueberry Parfait
Thursday7:45 Mrs. Morrison Tutoring
8:00 Chess Club
9:30 2nd & 3rd Grade Field Trip, DIA & Outdoor Adventure
7:00pm District Honors Choir Concert, Bryant
Cheese PizzaCrispy Chicken Wrap
FridayPopcorn Day
7:45 Running Club
Beef Hot Dogs Veggie Ranch Wrap

Upcoming Dates:

January 30: Book Bingo

February 2: Mother / Daughter Event

February 6: Parent Education Meeting, DuVall’s School Improvement Plan  

February 7: PTA Meeting 6:30, Media Center and Zoom

February 14: Candygrams

February 19: No school – Mid-Winter Break

February 21: Mobile Dentist

February 22: Founders Day, date TBD

February 27: No school for students – All teachers – professional development day

February 27: Election Day

February 29: Donuts & Grown-ups

     VOTE FEBRUARY 27, 2024   

  • The Operational Millage brings $41 million into our General Fund budget; that is 16% of the budget. 
  • Without this funding, the district would sink to one of the lowest per-pupil general fund revenues in Michigan.
  • This is a millage renewal, not a new tax. For homeowners, the Operational Millage would drop from a maximum of 6.17 mills to 4 mills. The district assessed 2.04 mills for this year and expects the rate to settle at about 2.5 mills. The ballot will read 4 mills in case conditions change. The rate for homeowners could not go above 4 mills. 
  • For businesses in the district, the millage rate will stay at the 18 mill rate created with Proposal A changed school funding in 1994. This is where the majority of the funding ($34 million of the $41 million) comes from. This rate also applies if you own rental property.
  • The Operational Millage is part of the General Fund, which is used for daily operations. This money pays for staff, utility bills, classroom supplies, busing, etc. This is NOT A BOND proposal. This would not fund any major school construction or renovation projects.
  • If the Operational Millage Renewal does not pass, the district would need to cut $41 million from the budget. A 16% cut in daily expenses and would likely result in reductions in almost all programs and staffing areas.

شاركوا في انتخابات ٢٧ شباط ( فبراير) ٢٠٢٤ 

  • يجلب برنامج المْلج التشغيلي مبلغ ٤١ مليون دولار إلى صندوق الميزانية العامة؛ أي ١٦ % من إجمالي الميزانية.
  • بدون هذا التمويل، سينخفض تمويل القطاع التعليمي إلى واحدًا من أدنى إيرادات الميزانية العامة لكل طالب في ميشيغان.
  • هذا اقتراع لتجديد المْل ( نسبة الضريبة الحالية) وليس لفرض ضريبة جديدة. بالنسبة لأصحاب المنازل، ستنخفض قيمة المْلج التشغيلي من ١٧. ٦ مْل  كحد أقصى إلى ٤ مْل. قام القطاع  بتقييم ٠٤ .٢ مْل لهذا العام وتتوقع أن يستقر المعدل عند حوالي ٢.٥ مْل. ستقرأ بطاقة الاقتراع ٤ مْل  في حالة تغير الظروف. لا يمكن أن يتجاوز المعدل لأصحاب المنازل ٤ مْل.
  • بالنسبة للأعمال في القطاع، سيبقى معدل المْل في حدود ١٨ مْل المطلوبة من الولاية. ومن هنا تأتي غالبية التمويل (٣٤  مليون دولار من أصل ٤١ مليون دولار). تنطبق هذه النسبة المالية أيضًا على ملكيتك المؤجرة.
  • المْلج التشغيلي هو جزء من الصندوق التمويل العام الذي يستخدم للعمليات اليومية. تُدفع هذه الأموال للموظفين، وفواتير الخدمات، ولوازم الفصول الدراسية، والحافلات، وما إلى ذلك. الرجاء الانتباه إلى أن هذا ليس اقتراح سندات ولن يستخدم لتمويل أي مشاريع بناء أو تجديد كبرى للمدارس.
  • إذا لم يتم تمرير مشروع تجديد المْلج التشغيلي، فسوف يتعين على القطاع خفض ٤١ مليون دولار من الميزانية  بنسبة ١٦ % في النفقات اليومية ومن المرجح أن يؤدي ذلك إلى التخفيض في خدمات جميع البرامج ومجالات التوظيف تقريبًا.