DuVall Elementary School

 2024 Kid’s Martian Marathon 1.2 Group Login Information

2024 Martian Marathon – 12:00 pm ~ April 13, 2024 @ Ford Field, Dearborn

Group Registration Instructions:

LINK: https://runningfitevents.redpodium.com/2024-martian-invasion-of-races

They will need to select “I am here to register as a group participant”

YOUR TEAM NAME: DuVall – Blue Wave 12:00


Continue on with their registration. They must select team name and enter password. The kids’ race is already discounted to $23 (thru March 4) so no coupon code is needed. If you would like to extend the invitation to your school community we are offering a school discount code. (See below for more details.) March 5 the price goes up to $26. Please note there are processing fees.

Underground Printing T-Shirt Design Contest: Once again our screen printer Underground Printing will be offering this awesome contest for the kids! UGP invites children 12 and under to submit an original drawing to be used in the design for the front of the 2024 Martian Kids’ Marathon shirt!

Check out all the details here: https://martianraces.com/images/2024/Martian_2024_Kids_Shirt_Contest.pdf