DuVall Elementary School

Week of August 28-September 1

Dear DuVall Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! I have missed all our little penguins and can’t wait for the year to begin. My favorite “season” has always been the beginning of the school year. You can expect an email like this every week to keep you informed. Some weeks it’s a longer than others but it will always include the week’s schedule, brief notes, the lunch menu, etc. If you ever have questions about what is in the email just ask me. Mrs. Jen and Ms. Bobbie work hard to make our office an inviting and welcoming place for our students and parents. If you have questions they to can help you. Give any of us a call,, email us, or stop by.

Many thanks to everyone who was able to attend Open House. A special thanks to the Schuchert Family for loaning and setting up some of the easy-up tents that we used. Thank you also to our PTA for handing out popsicles, selling apparel, and signing families up for their great organization. Or president is Jaclyn Noles, Vice-President Ann Skidmore, Secretary Michelle Linderman, and our treasurer is Ursula Pinon. We also have a number of committee chairs. There is a PTA page on tis blog that you can visit for more information. Mrs. Noles will also be signing parents up for the PTA on the first day on the playground. The cost for th year is $10.00 per family.

A few families inquired about classroom changes. The teachers, support staff, and I are very intentional and careful as we place each and every student. Moving students this late is very difficult because numbers, personalities, and academics have all been considered, not just for one child but the overall make-up of each class.

This past summer Mr. Dave Brice, our engineer extraordinaire, Mr. Patrick McCarthy, our project superintendent, and their crews, have been working very hard on the construction at DuVall. Our construction actually began last summer, continued through school year and during the summer. It was a HUGE job and even though there has been a lot of dust, long hours, and a little inconvenience we are so fortunate DuVall was one of the selected schools to receive all new ceilings, lighting, HVAC and everything that goes along with that (construction things that I don’t really understand but appreciate what they do). We have new boilers and soon will have air conditioning in our 102 year old building. Parents, please be patient with our teachers and staff and know that very soon our building will be in tip top shape. Teachers were not allowed in the building until this past Friday due to the construction. They have worked very hard and are ready for your children to join them. They are still working on their rooms and will have every small detail in place very soon. Teachers wanted to come in during this weekend but that request was denied as cleaning crews, led by Dave Brice, were in waxing floors, completing finishing touches, installing the roof AC units, and more!

Most of you know, I am available to meet if you ever want to share information and discuss your child’s progress, successes, and/or challenges. It is usually a good idea to call the office to set up an appointment but you can also stop by and if I am available I will meet with you. Always, our students are our first priority!

This week’s notes:

  • We begin each day gathered as an entire school on the playground. We say the Pledge of Allegiance and the DuVall Pledge together. Announcements are made as needed. Many parents join us for this. Students enter the building with their teacher.
  • Unfortunately, there was little to no sign-up for Soft Start Kid’s Club. Kid’s Club will not be offered for kindergarteners on Soft Start days, August 29-September 5th.
  • Kid’s Club is offered for all students that have signed up on August 28th,7:00-9:00am and 12:05-6:00pm and beginning August 29th, 7:00-9:00am. For first through 5th grade Kid’s Club students, beginning August 29th, 3:55-6:00pm is available.
  • For safety reasons, we must know who is in the building at all times. Please sign in when visiting but also remember to sign out.
  • Reminder, if you do not have an updated iChat, it is recommended you fill one out ASAP. This way you are ready to go. They are valid for three years.
  • Our 4th/5th graders are going to camp October 2-4 (Monday-Wednesday). Students attending have already paid a deposit and there is no room for any additional students. Ms. Courtright will have a camp meeting to answer any questions and give more information, Wednesday, September 6 at 4:15 in room 202.  If you can’t attend the meeting, a packet will be sent home with your child the following day.  Final payment and paperwork will be due soon since it’s right around the corner and we have to make final payment. If you have any questions, email Ms. Courtright at courtrl@dearbornschools.org.
  • Please fill out the survey sent on Thursday regarding assistance with childcare when early release Tuesdays start in October.  English and Arabic versions of the survey are available for parents with students in grades kindergarten to eighth grade.
  • It’s important to be a part of your child’s education. One way to become involved is to join our PTA. The cost is $10.00 per family and we ask that you try and volunteer for a minimum of one event. Click here for the PTA membership form.
  • Our new Special Education Resource Teacher is Mrs. April Crawford. She is replacing Mrs. Aileen Chromicz, who retired. Read a little more about Mrs. Crawford by clicking here.
  • I will be visiting each classroom this week to review expectations and procedures with our kids. If you are interested, you can view the presentation here. It is adjusted for our younger students.
  • We are looking for parent volunteers this week to help take down bulletin boards and put up fresh paper and border. Since our teachers haven’t been able to get into the school this task hasn’t been done and they need to focus on their classrooms. Any help would be appreciated. Teachers will decorate them soon but having the paper and border up would help tremendously. If you can help please let me know.
  • On Tuesday, we are looking for a couple of parents to assist Ms. Bobbie with opening boxes, counting out books, and possibly delivering them to classrooms. We have lots of carts! If you can help please let me know.
  • New students will receive their starter Penguin Tags. Former students, I hope you know where yours are so you can add to them this year. You will also be given a new grade tag. I’m hoping students earn so many, that I have to order more!
  • If anyone took any pictures at Open House, please share them with me. We were so busy we didn’t take any.
  • Mark your calendars! We will have a Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser on Wednesday, September 20th. Take the night off from cooking and plan on eating out or getting carry out. More information will be shared as we approach the date.
  • Mrs. Moon has a student teacher, Ms. Hardey. Learn more about her by clicking here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YD_jN-BQkIaP_IaResPxRBFq8wx-IYio/view?usp=sharing

Have a great week!

Mary Timpf

DateWeek’s ScheduleLunch First ChoiceLunch Second Choice
Monday, August 28First Day of School!Student breakfast begins 8:35Dismissal for all students 12:05No lunch servedNo lunch served
Tuesday, August 29Kindergarten Soft Start, dismissal 12:05Halal Chicken NuggetsPeach Parfait with Graham Crackers
Wednesday, August 30Kindergarten Soft Start, dismissal 12:05Grande Queso Blanco NachosSunbutter & Jelly Sandwich
Thursday, August 31Kindergarten Soft Start, dismissal 12:05Delicious Cheese PizzaVeggie Ranch Wrap
Friday, September 1No School
Monday, September 4No School – Happy Labor Day

Upcoming Dates:

September 6: Kindergarten begins full days

September 8: Day of Kindness

September 13: PTA Meeting 6:30, Media Center and Zoom

September 16: Grades 3-5 Family Kickball Game

September 20: Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser

September 27: Book Bingo, 6:00