DuVall Elementary School


Congratulations DuVall Community, we have reached the 25 members for the Mini Martian event guaranteeing us a banner to put up proudly in the gym. All are still welcome to join but the $23. price will go to $27. after Friday, March 24th.

The spring portion of the Walk N Roll program will officially start Monday April 10th. All students that signed up and participated in the fall will receive their Walk N Roll t-shirt the week of April 3rd. We would like to have all of our participating students wear their shirts on the 10th. Any students that did not sign up are welcome to the week of April 3rd (sign up sheets in the office). All we ask is for our participants to walk or bike to school when possible to practice a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks again for helping to create an environment that promotes the overall health of oor students.

Mr.Tapp, Physical Education Teacher DuVall