DuVall Elementary School

DuVall Elementary School Is Now a Certified Monarch Butterfly Waystation!

Great news for all the pollinators in the DuVall School area!  Our school garden has just received the designation as a Certified Monarch Waystation.  In order to receive this designation, our 5th grade Butterfly Garden Ambassadors Juliette, Quinn, and Alex demonstrated that our garden provides milkweed (which is an important host plant for butterflies to lay their eggs and caterpillars to use as food), nectar plants, and sheltered area for monarchs throughout their annual cycle of reproduction and migration.  Thank you to our Ambassadors for researching the requirements, ensuring we had the proper features in our garden, and for completing the application process to receive this designation!  Creating and maintaining a Monarch Waystation contributes to monarch conservation and helps to assure the continuation of the monarch migration in North America.

We also would like to announce that we received a $200 grant for the Butterfly Garden from the Dearborn Garden Club!  We will be using this money to purchase kits for students who would like to join the Butterfly Club this spring and summer to be able to raise butterflies at home to set free.  This is a PTA-sponsored activity outside of school hours, (held outside) and we will be providing more specific information soon.

monarch waystation that has a picture of butterfly, caterpillar and indicates that the site provides plants that help butterflies.
certification of appreciation for duvall elementary that we are a monarch waystation
Principal Attee holding the monarch waystation sign while standing near the butterfly garden.