DuVall Remote Learning Technology Support and Resources

DuVall Families,

The staff and I would like to thank you for all of your support and flexibility as we started our journey at the start of the school year with remote learning. Having new technology tools that provide one location for course content and reliable access is important for helping families navigate the remote learning that is taking place this fall. Families have requested to have additional support learning Zoom and Schoology as well as developing a better awareness of all of the expectations of staff, students, and parents. The following resources below can provide some additional support as we are all learning how to implement and access our new virtual learning tools.

The Dearborn Public Schools Helpdesk is available to help staff and families with technology concerns during the school day. The phone number for the Helpdesk is 313-827-8400.

Additional Technology Resources and Content Support:

DuVall Remote Learning Page K-5

During the time that students are at home, there are many great learning activities will be able to continue to help them grow academically.  Please use the resources listed below with your child for his or her grade level and special area subjects.  

Stay up-to-date with information from DuVall Elementary by following the DuVall School News Blog and Dearborn Public Schools Website.

Reading with ALL students:

 Read at home with your child at least 20 minutes every day with books they enjoy.   EPIC Books and Moby Max contain web based books for students to read online.  To access, students will use their credentials and log into CLEVER from the website http  s://dearbornschools.org/resources/students.Online books are available from the Dearborn Library for (Elementary Students) and  (Pre-school) children using your library card information. 

Before reading:

  • You may read to your child a text before he or she reads it.  
  • Have your child make predictions about what might happen next.  
  • Have your child use picture clues from the cover to predict what the book is about.   

During reading:

  • Read out loud to your child.
  • Listen to your child read.
  • Echo read (you read a line and then have your child repeat the line).
  • Read together at the same time (choral reading).
  • Reread or retell favorite stories.
  • Talk to your son or daughter about what they are reading.
  • Talk about how the pictures in the book connect to the words on the page.

After reading, you may:

  • Ask “What do you remember from the text?”
  •  Ask questions about the reading (who, what, when, where, why).
  • Have your child talk about his or her favorite parts of the story and why.
  • Ask “What have you learned from the text?”
  • Ask “Who was in the book and what did this character do in the story?”
  • Connect the story to your child’s life or to other books you and your child have read together.