DuVall Elementary School

Week of January 10-14

Dear DuVall Families,

We had a great first week back from winter break. Thank you for helping our children stay safe. Our students and parents are wearing masks, following protocols, keeping our school updated on exposures and positive cases, and doing whatever is needed to keep our students in school. We have had very few cases of positive cases at school. If your child is a contact I will call you to inform you of the contact and if quarantine is necessary. We follow our county guidelines which still dictate ten days of quarantine in case of contact. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation. If you ever have questions or concerns please call me at 827-2754.

We have our monthly PTA meeting on Wednesday at 6:30. Please join us by Zoom or in the Media Center.

You can still purchase Red Wing tickets for January 21st. Click here to purchase.

Remember, students are not allowed to open doors for any adult. If you need to enter the school, pick-up or see your child, or drop off anything you must come to the front office. If you pick-up your child early it makes it easier for us if you contact the office early in the morning. If your child arrives after 9:00 you must enter through door 1 on Beech and sign your child in.

Have a wonderful week!

Mary Timpf,


Monday, January 10: 1st choice – Classic Macaroni & Cheese

2nd choice – Loaded Vegetable Sub

Tuesday, January 11: 1st choice – Halal Pepperoni Pizza or Cheese Pizza

2nd choice – Vegetarian Harvest Salad

Wednesday, January 12: 6:30 PTA Meeting (Media Center or Zoom)

1st choice – Zaatar & Hummus w/veggies Power Pack

2nd choice – Spaghetti with Halal Meatballs

Thursday, January 13: 1st choice – Garlic & Herb Alfredo Rotini

2nd choice – Tuna Sandwich

Friday, January 14: 1st choice – Halal Popcorn Chicken

2nd choice – Hawaiian Halal Chicken Salad