DuVall Elementary School

Student Safety

Dear DuVall Parents,

There is a sign on the corner of Francis & Beech that says no turn 8:00am-9:00am. This was put in place to increase safety for our walking students that cross at that intersection. A new sign has been ordered by our police department to reflect our new school hours. Until that time please refrain from turning there between 8:30am-0:30am.

Also, the back parking lot is not a drop-off zone. This is a staff parking lot and should not be used by parents, especially for drop-off. We have students that walk and come up that driveway to get to their line. There is a lane to drop-off on Francis along the school. If you choose to walk your child to their line you must legally park on the street. I realize this is a problem on Fridays when street parking is not allowed.

One more safety measure that has been put in place is keeping all doors locked, even the entrance for Kids Club. Door 10 has a doorbell on the left side of the brick wall that will alert the supervisor of Kids Club to come to the door. Students coming for breakfast or before school activities should come to the front door. The office is staffed as of 7:30 every morning.

I realize that some of this may be an inconvenience for adults. However, we should not jeopardize our children’s safety to make things more convenient for ourselves.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Mary Timpf