Penguin Star Students of the Week

DuVall Elementary School recognizes the following students for being positive role models and good scholars this week!  Keep up the great work!


Student:  Everest

A note from Ms Shapas: Everest comes to class happy and ready to learn! She is kind and supportive to every classmate! She loves to share her experiences and ideas with the class! She has made so much growth this year! Keep up the great work, Everest!

Student: Nolin

A note from Mrs. Ross: Nolan is as full of DuVall Pride and wonder as they come! He has continued striving this year to grow in friendships, knowledge and happiness. I am so proud of how hard you work Nolan and how excited you are to burst into learning every day. You were the highest fundraiser this year for the Heart Challenge and we thank you for your support and dedication to excellence. Keep shining bright my darling!

First Grade:

Student: Jack

A note from Mrs.Grahl: I have really loved having Jack in my class this year! Jack is a super listener and joins our zoom meeting or comes to school ready to learn. He has great ideas to share and is always kind and respectful. Way to go, Jack!

Student:  Henry

Henry always has so many new and exciting facts to share each day he comes to school. He loves sharing what he’s learned with his friend and helping them. Henry also loves telling jokes and I can always count on him to make me laugh. He is a hard worker and so excited to learn new things. Keep up the great work Henry!

2nd Grade:

Student: Aline and Natalie

A note from Mrs. Morrison: I could not pick just one sister this week. Both girls have been a pleasure in class. They joined our group in March and fit right in. These two have worked so hard, always do their homework, are as sweet as they come and are both math wizards. I am so happy to have them in my class because their kindness, inquisitiveness, determination and drive inspire me. I love these two and am super proud of how far they have come:) 

2nd and 3rd Grade:

Student:  Yousef

Yousef has such a great sense of humor! He always sees the positive in everyone. He brings a smile to my face everyday. He has worked so hard this year. I am so proud of him. Way to go, Yousef! 

Student: Jinendra

A note from Ms. Cibasek: Jinendra is a game changer in the classroom. He participates with interest and takes his time with the completion of work. He has consistently been setting a wonderful example for his classmates. Young Mr. Valke also has an extensive knowledge of computers and can answer almost any question about PC hardware. 

4th and 5th Grade:

This week, I want to recognize some of my 5th grade students. Howie, Brandon, Dalia, Sudenaz, Alex, Juliette, Gabby, Yahya, Drake, and Quinn are rocking 5th grade Science and Social Studies. They participate daily in class and complete their assignments thoughtfully and on time. I am SUPER proud of them for making the best of this crazy year! I am confident that all of them will be outstanding in middle school. Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Ranka

Student :  Gabriel

A note from Mrs. Alabakoff:   Gabriel has such a positive attitude toward learning.  He often shares how much he enjoyed a lesson, a book or an activity done in class.  It makes me smile each time!  I am so glad you came to DuVall Gabriel!  

Student:  Sudenaz

A note from Ms. Courtright:  Sudenaz continues to work hard and participate regularly.  She is spot on with her answers during our discussions and is self motivated!  Keep working hard Sudenaz!

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