Penguin Star Students of the Week

DuVall Elementary School recognizes the following students for being positive role models and good scholars this week!  Keep up the great work!


Student:  Everest

A note from Ms Shapas: Everest comes to class happy and ready to learn! She is kind and supportive to every classmate! She loves to share her experiences and ideas with the class! She has made so much growth this year! Keep up the great work, Everest!

Student: Eleanora 

A note from Mrs. Ross: Eleanora is truly a DuVall star! She begins every day with a wonderful attitude and works so hard. She gives 110% effort in all she does and is an inspiration to us all. We are so lucky to have her in our classroom this year. Keep reaching for the stars Ellie! 

First Grade:

Student: Armani

A note from Mrs.Grahl: Armani is always happy and ready to learn! She’s a great listener and loves to participate and share her ideas. Armani has worked really hard this year and has become a super reader and writer!  Keep up the great work Armani! I’ve loved being your teacher this year!

Student:  Navya

A note from Mrs. Hughes: Navya’s excitement for learning and discovering new things is inspiring! She always has something new to share and makes connections between what she learns in school and the world around her. Navya is also an excellent artist and always adds that extra touch to all of her classwork! Awesome job Navya!

2nd Grade:

Student: Hussein

A note from Mrs. Morrison: Hussein is always in a great mood and has lovely compliments for all. When he is in class he works very hard and always tries his best. He takes school seriously and is kind to every teacher and student. Hussein says his favorite things about school are all his friends and me. He is a joy to be around and we are very lucky to have him in our class. Congratulations Hussien. Keep up the great work. 

2nd and 3rd Grade:

Student:  Enzo

A note from Mrs. Moon: Enzo works very hard in class. He is creative and gives wonderful insights with our class discussions.. I am so proud of his effort. Way to go, Enzo!!

Student: Jeremiah

A note from Ms. Cibasek: Jeremiah is full of energy and enthusiasm. He is extremely passionate about building, construction, modeling, and LEGOs. My favorite times in class are when he regales us with stories of his adventures in Florida. Jeremiah is a very animated young man. 

4th and 5th Grade:

Student: Mona

A note from Mrs. Ranka: Mona has shown a lot of progress in the last few weeks, I am proud of her! Keep up the good work Mona!

Student :  Celia 

A note from Mrs. Alabakoff:  Celia has a positive attitude and is working hard to improve every day.  She is getting more and more excited about her Reading and Math.  Celia always has a smile on her face when she comes to school and it brightens the day!  Keep working hard, Celia!

Student:  Quinn 

A note from Ms. Courtright:  Quinn continues to shine in class due to his outstanding work ethic and stellar participation.  He is also a thoughtful student and friendly with all of his peers.  Thanks for being a superstar!

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