The DuVall PTA needs your help!

The DuVall PTA is an outstanding group of parents, teachers, and administrators that meet together to help create a meaningful educational learning experience for all of the students at DuVall. Every year, the DuVall PTA is able to help implement activities, events, and assemblies for our students as well as purchase items that help impact student learning or are used to help make an event enjoyable experience at our school.

While we are going through changes to how the PTA is able to implement the traditional activities, events, and assemblies due to COVID-19, the PTA’s commitment to our students remains unchanged. The PTA recently helped to purchase web cameras with microphones to help with the transition to virtual learning, which is helping resolve some of the technical difficulties experienced during the first week. Our PTA also helped to make this past spring’s Virtual Promotion Ceremony memorable for our 5th graders by providing the students with memorabilia to help them remember the great experiences they had at DuVall.

Please consider having your family join the PTA. The PTA holds monthly parent meetings (virtual for now) that help families learn more about our school and how the PTA is serving our students and school community. There are also opportunities to volunteer for school events, when it is possible to have in person learning take place. A membership form is listed below.

Also, the DuVall PTA will be selling mums as a fundraiser. To order mums, please use the order form below.

I would like to thank the PTA and our staff and families who helped our school start back during the past few weeks. We are all working together to navigate through our restart, with its challenges and opportunities to grow, in order to help provide our students with a safe, structured approach to our current remote learning state.

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