5th Grade Remote Promotion Ceremony and Clap Out

DuVall Community,

Thank you to all of the families and staff members who supported our 5th graders today during the clap out. Our celebration of the success of the 5th grade class is an important part of their journey as they transition from elementary to middle school. I would like to thank Ms. Courtright, Mrs. Ranka, Mrs. Cathy, Mrs. Anne, and Mr. Rory for their help with preparing the event and working on the logistics of making it possible! I would also like to thank Mrs. Bagdonas, Mrs. Malmsen, Mrs. Makled, Mrs. Gross and the DuVall PTA for their help and support with making the event meaningful for our students through the memory books, spirit bags, slideshow, and memory pack! I would like to thank our staff who came out to support the 5th graders by cheering them on during the clap out. There will be picture of the event posted by Monday!

Please click here for the introduction of the 5th grade Virtual Promotion Ceremony by Mr. Attee. Of course, the Promotion Ceremony would not be complete without a trip down Memory Lane! To view the 5th grade slideshow and see the 5th grade class over the years, please click here.

Congratulations to all of our 5th grade students on your promotion to 6th grade. Our school community wishes you the best on your journey moving forward and we know that you have a solid foundation based on all of the fun and exciting learning experiences at DuVall!

Have a healthy, safe, and enjoyable summer!

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