A Message of Unity for Our Students!

We are the DuVall Penguins

We are smart and strong

We respect ourselves and our communities 

We work hard every day 

We have integrity 

We make the right choices 

Separate families 


As one !

4 comments on “A Message of Unity for Our Students!

  1. Susan Taylor

    Miss staff, children and families. I’m thinking of you all. We were strong Penguin’s.

  2. Dalia Porras

    Oh my goodness, this post literally brought tears to my eyes. That’s beautiful. We love our teachers and miss them.

  3. The Mahfouz family

    Amazingly creative and thoughtful! We felt your arms wrap around us from here. We wish you all good health. Missing our Duvall family!
    The Mahfouz family👪

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