DuVall Chromebook Loaning Survey/ Plan

Please fill out this form if you would like to reserve a Chromebook on loan for my child. To take the DuVall Chromebook survey, please click here. Please complete this survey by 10:00 AM on Thursday, March 19th as this will provide our staff with enough time to prepare the necessary number of Chromebooks based on the anticipated number of requests. The survey above must be filled out in order to make a reservation for a Chromebook on loan – we will not be able to distribute additional on-the spot requests as it takes time to prepare each of the Chromebooks.

There is a limit of one Chromebook per family. Chromebooks must be returned to the school on the first day Dearborn Public Schools reopen after this mandatory shutdown. Students must follow Dearborn Public Schools Acceptable Use policy and guidelines. The family borrowing the Chromebook agrees to understand that they are responsible for any damage to the Chromebook. The Chromebooks on loan are for current DuVall students only.

Internet Access:
Chromebooks require internet access and have Wi-Fi built-in. Dearborn Public Schools cannot provide internet home access. Comcast has an Internet Essentials package for families that qualify. This program is currently free for 60 days. After the 60 days, Internet Essentials will cost $9.95 per month. (You can apply online: https://apply.internetessentials.com/) Dearborn Public Schools does NOT have an affiliation with Comcast. Individual families are responsible for any costs of the service.

Qualifications for Internet Essentials:
You are eligible for public assistance programs such as the National School Lunch Program, Housing Assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, and others
You do not have an outstanding debt to Comcast that is less than a year old.
You live in an area where Comcast is available but have not subscribed to it within the last 90 days.

Xfinity Wi-Fi Free
Xfinity WiFi Free For Everyone: Xfinity WiFi hotspots across the country will be available to anyone who needs them for free – including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers. For a map of Xfinity WiFi hotspots, visit www.xfinity.com/wifi. Once at a hotspot, consumers should select the “xfinitywifi” network name in the list of available hotspots and then launch a browser.

Plan for Distribution on Friday, March 20th:

Parents will drive up to the bus lane on Francis Street near the preschool door (door 4) on Friday, March 20th.  Parent/ Guardians must have a Driver’s ID.  A DuVall staff member will bring the parent our Chromebook Loan agreement to the car along with the Chromebook, have the parent sign it, and then collect the signed agreements as a record of our Chromebooks that have been distributed.  Please follow the schedule of distribution for classes below so that we can have an orderly distribution of the Chromebooks on loan – there is a limit of one Chromebook on loan per family.

9:00 – 9:15 Ms. Shapas

9:20 – 9:35 Mrs. Ross

9:40 – 9:55 Mrs. Grahl

10:00 – 10:15 Ms. Sims

10:20 – 10:35 Mrs. Burke

10:40 – 10:55 Mrs. Morrison

11:00 – 11:15 Ms. Cibasek

11:20 – 11:35 Mrs. Alabakoff

11:40 – 11:55 Mrs. Moon

12:00 – 12:15 Mrs. Ranka

12:20 – 12:35 Mrs. Courtright

Thank you for following the above guidelines and schedule for distribution to make this process possible as well as for the DuVall staff who will be assisting during processing and distribution days.

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