Peace Day Assembly on Thursday, October 3rd

On Thursday, October 3rd, our school will celebrate Peace Day (just a little later than usual) by placing our kindness rocks in the Butterfly Garden starting at 1:30. Students are encouraged to wear their Pink shirts this day and we will take a picture with all of the classes placing their kindness rock in the Butterfly Garden.

This assembly will be brief and staggered to accommodate our class size in the location. Students in 5th, 4th, and the 3/4 split will begin the assembly at 1:30 PM. Students in 3rd, 2/3 Split, and 2nd will start the assembly at 1:50 PM. Students in 1st and Kindergarten will start the assembly at approximately 2:15 PM. The assembly will take place by the butterfly garden on Francis Street near the gym lobby.

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