DuVall Playground Stencils

DuVall Families,

I would like to take a moment to thank all of the families and staff who helped to stencil our playground over the weekend.  These new play zones are great for our students.  I know that our students will enjoy seeing these great new zones for hopscotch, four square, and other games.  Our school needs your help to ensure that these stencils stay for our students to enjoy them. Recently, someone rode over the new stencils with a bike leaving a few marks on the images.  We hope to be able to have this cleaned off if possible.  Please remind your children not to ride over the new stenciled areas with their bikes as it may leave tire marks over the newly painted area.  Below are images of the new stenciled activity zones.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped to make this a beautiful new addition to our school.  playground stencil map of usa playground stencil shapes by room numbers playground stencil building playground stencil clock playground stencil baseball diamond playground stencil four square playground stencil tic tac toe

1 comment on “DuVall Playground Stencils

  1. Sarah Van Horn

    Sorry I was unable to help. They look amazing!!
    Thank you!

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