Book Fair Update

Duvall Famillies,

Thank you to everyone who supported our Book Fair. We had a very successful sale!

The Scholastic points earned are used to buy items for the school such as headphones, allotted to teachers to buy books for their classrooms, and to buy Scholastic News paper subscriptions that are used in most classrooms, amongst other things.   We couldn’t do this without you!

The Book Fair will pack up today at 4:30 pm, so please make sure to make your final purchases before then!  The online fair is open until December 5 and all purchase made on this link benefit Duvall.  Books purchased online will be delivered to the school for free.  To order online, please visit the website:

Thanks again and see you again in March!

Amy Noone and June Sullivan

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  1. Thank you Amy and June for all of your hard work running the book fair this week!

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