Thank you to everyone who supported the Veteran’s Hospital Project

Dear Staff,Students,Parents,Families,and Friends,

     Thank you for your generous support of our Veteran’s Hospital project!  With your help, we made 2105 fruit baskets!  We also collected a large amount of comfort items and decorated cards. They were delivered to veterans at the Freedom Centers at Detroit Metro Airport, Downriver Veterans, VFW Post 1136, Military Order Of the Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Piquette Square, VA Outreach and Referral Center, Volunteers of America, Vets Returning Home, VA Domiciliary, Detroit Rescue Mission, Veteran Center on Grand River and the John D. Dingell Medical Center.

     Because our project has grown so much, we reached out for help.  We would like to thank many people for their help; Lynn Scott, Genevieve Sullivan and students at Edsel Ford, Lynda Mualem, Elizabeth Magee, Nancy Lessel and the students at Bryant Middle School, Robin Thomas, James Opferman and the students at Dearborn High School, April Cronin and Sheila Niner and the students at Haigh, Julie Wagner and the students at McDonald.  We want to thank the entire Cirrine family for their help with donations, and preparing ribbon and cellophane ahead of time.  Thanks to September Shaw for painting and stamping hundreds and hundreds of trays and cards. Thanks to our dear Mrs. Lavery for cutting ribbon and folding hundreds of cards.Thanks to Mrs. Makled for soliciting a huge amount of donations. We would like to thank all those who picked up fruit and brought it to DuVall.  We would like to thank Michael Tenglin, Marsha McMaster, Aunt Mid Produce, Les Stanford, Jack Demmer, Meijer, and Walmart for monetary donations.  We used these donations to buy a huge amount of comfort items for homeless veterans and those at the hospital.  We would like to thank Daws Dentistry and Obregon Family dentistry for the toothbrushes and toothpaste.  We would like to thank Harry Miller Flowers and Fisher Flowers for their huge donation of cellophane.  Lastly, and certainly not least, we want to thank all of the generous fruit wholesalers and local markets.  These include; Dearborn Farm Market, Kroger, Super Greenland, Westborn Market, Papaya, Cedar Market, Dearborn Fresh, Dearborn Wholesale Produce, Benny Evola Produce, Royal Banana, Thomas Produce, Roscoe and Horkey Farms, Carlo Ciaramitaro Produce, Serra Produce, Del Bene Produce, Detroit Wholesale Produce, Ben B. Schwartz, and Lucido Produce.

     All of DuVall School worked together to make this project very successful and meaningful. The veterans told us how much they appreciate our efforts. A sincere thank you to all who helped in any way at all. With your help, we plan to do even more next year.


                                Mrs.Strez, Mrs. Burke

                                     and the 2nd Graders

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