Ice Cream Social A Success!

Hello Everyone,

Despite the weather, the 2013 DuVall Ice Cream Social was outstanding!  I would like to thank volunteers that gave up very cherished free time to make this event a success! 

Entertainment:  Thank you to Kelly Mathis for negotiating the the clowns.  There was a constant line but the kids didn’t seem to be deterred, even when it was raining the kids followed them right inside!  Bounce Brothers came through for us again. Thank you to Marjorie Wood and Jason Wood for helping supply the power cords once we were for sure going outside!  How can we thank the Dearborn Fire Department for their generous donation of the Dunk Tank?  Thank you to Kristen Andrews for, once again, coordinating the delivery and pick up!  Thank you to Jennifer Smith for tirelessly making sure the dunk tank was manned!  As far as the games, thank you to all of the parent volunteers who signed up for their classroom activity!  Unfortunately, with the rain the volunteer sheet were ruined.  So if you helped out please know that you are appreciated!  Thank you to Lil Sevorkovski, Marjorie Wood, Amina Guvetis, Sonia Warren, Ryan Smith for your help with setting up and tearing down the games.  Thank you to Tim Snyder for once again donating his time as DJ. He is always willing to lend his talents to Duvall and we sincerely appreciate it! (His number is 313.414.0171, if you would like to hire him!)  Thank you also to Mrs. Alabakoff, Mrs. Courtright and Mr. Hartley for being such good sports and getting that sticky pie in the face, Twice! 

Food:  The Schwan’s truck was carefree! Yea! Yea! Plus, they give us a great deal for the amount of ice cream we go through! Thank you to the Buck Family for getting the pop, water and chips and for manning the beverages!   As usual the hot dog cart was also a hit.  Thank you to the Pinch Family for coordinating the cart and for donating the hot dogs! Thank you to the Ford Family for the donation of the Hot Dog Car use. Thank you to Todd Gonzalez and Jeff Pinch for dishing out the dogs!  Thank you to the Poupard Family for donating the condiments. Thank you to Diana Witowski for getting the donation of the napkins and to Kerri Abbot for coordinating the ice donation from Park Place!  Thank you Park Place! 

Tin Can Raffle:  Thank you to Sarah Poupard, Melissa Pinch, Liz Fredricks, Jodie Hisala, Betty Chyo, Catherine Kavanaugh and Freda Berry, Sonia Warren, Stacey Mendez and Kelly Mendez who worked tirelessly to make sure we had enough to raffle.  They succeeded!  Thank you to Tom Fullerton for donating the use of his microphone and amp.  Thank you also for enthusiastically calling numbers!  Thank you Mrs. Burke, Mr. and Mrs. David for the assistance with the raffle drive through window!

The extra’s:  I can’t thank Christy Gonzalez and Jodie Hisala enough for their job at the admission table! They had everything under control!  Thank you to Paul Boyce who coordinated the tent set up and tear down and Greg Miller for your assistance!  Thank you to Betty Chyo for decorating!  The balloons were energetically blown up by Betty Chyo, Jodie Hisala, and Sonia Warren. Thank you also to Ms. Sims for her help, she never went home! 

Our wonderful engineers played a huge part as well, Mr. Dave with set up and planning and Ms. Faye with clean up!  Thank you!

In addition to the people who were mentioned above, we had several that helped out at the event.  (In no order) Jeannine Laible, Marjorie Wood, Mike DeGuire, Ryan and Jennifer Smith, Mallory Frisbie, Jacob Diebolt, Amina Guvetis, Luis and Tanya Ali, Amy Noone, Terry Martin, Kelly Mathis, Feryae Mustafa,Terry Martin, Shelly Marion, Jenny Lotarski, Brian and Chris Rosbury, RaeAnne and Josh Garland, Becky Jackson, Carmen Wisniewski, Val Jakubus, Geoffery and Shana Harman, Michelle Wilson-Schwartz, Chad Korte, Lynn and Doug Kowalski.

I had fun working with all of you.  I am truly sorry if, in my fog, I have missed naming anyone that played a part of the planing or implementation of the Ice Cream Social. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank, our principal, Dan Hartley.  He was always willing to help in every aspect, from moving tables to cleaning up many types of things!  He eagerly awaited that pie and then was such a great sport letting the kids dunk him multiple times!  Thank you! 

Last but not least I would like to thank everyone for attending!  Without you there would be no event at all!   

In closing, I would like to say that it has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your PTA president for the last 2 1/2 years. I have learned a lot, had fun and met some great people that I can now call friends. To the executive board I would like to thank you for walking side by side with me, helping me, and putting up with me!  Thank you again for the allowing me to serve you, and I wish all my best to the next PTA President elect, Sarah Poupard, and her new PTA Board! 

Sincerely, Jennifer Malone

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